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  • MPS Utilities has a fleet of Jet-Vacs cleaning trucks
  • MPS Utilities' Jet-Vacs come with 9 and 12 cubic yard debris tanks
  • Each truck contains a boom that telescopes 10 and 25 feet
  • Each boom rotates 270 degrees
  • MPS Utilities' Jet-Vac trucks contain water pumps with variable flow controls with a maximum of 2000 psi and 80 gpm
  • Each truck is mounted with an articulating reel with a capacity of 1000 feet
  • Multiple types of jet-head nozzles for various applications
  • MPS is capable of cleaning pipes from 4" to 96"
  • Also vaults, oil and water seperators
  • Utility location up to 40 feet and trench less excavation
  • Water capacity for jetting is 1,100 to 1,400 gallons
  • Storm Water Retention System Cleaning and Rehabilitation

Utiltity Vans
MPS Utilities also conducts televising and video taping of sewers. TV Vans with color, sound and full viewing visual pipes are all equipped with different features.
Our utility vans have:

  • Explorer pan and tilt camera
  • Tractor system able to go in to 6" to 96"
  • Able to float camera through line with high flow
  • Reports of inspections are sent with pictures of problems in pipe
  • Inspections copied to VHS, DVD or CD-ROM (which has visual pipe viewer included)
  • 1300 feet of video cable
  • Audio for video inspections
  • Arrow board on the back of the van
  • 4x4 drive camera van

Rod Trucks
Over the years MPS Utilities has not only expanded its fleet of vehicles, but has expanded its services with new equipment which perform tasks such as cable pulling.
Some of the features on our rod truck are:

  • Equipped with a continuous rodding machine to place any and all of the aforementioned up to and including 1800 linear feet of 5/8 inch rod
  • Splicing fusing and racking of inner duct for placement of fiber optic and other cables. Pulling and racking to designated cables/manholes
  • Rod truck used for rodding from manhole to manhole, placing pull line, innerduct for communications

Crash and Arrow Trucks

  • Crash and arrow trucks are used for traffic management
  • Crash cushion mounted on to the back of the crash truck
  • Right, left, and center signs on the trucks
  • Crash truck can also be used as a winch truck
  • High, lighted arrow board on the back of the truck with 36 inch high traffic reflectories cones

Smoke Testing
Smoke testing is a process where sewer/home land testing are blocked off from the side and filled with smoke to visually detect leaks, or breaks in a pipe.
Some of the reasons for using smoke testing are:

  • Low cost and efficient way to locate infiltration problems in sewer/home land systems
  • Helps to identify plumbing problems in buildings
  • Good way to track piping systems
  • Can find buildings with illegal downspout, cellar, yard and foundation drain connections
  • Spot out illegal sump pump discharge into sanitary and storm sewers
  • Smoke used for testing is non-toxic
  • Great in low flow systems

Push Camera
2" through 4"

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