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St. Onge Corporation t/a MPS Utilities, a certified woman owned small business, is highly specialized in providing quality services efficiently in the following areas:
  • BMP Inspections and maintenance
  • High pressure cleaning of pipes and conduits
  • Industrial vacuum services for liquid waste, etc.
  • Utility locating by vacuum for depth up to 40 feet, wet or dry and accuracy of marks
  • High frequency utility locating, low impact development systems rehabilitation
  • Trenchless excavation by vacuum for wet or dry re-use existing material
  • Power rodding and winching for placement and / or removal, inner duct, cable, power and telephone
  • Standard eliminate trenching and excavating methods for placing, replacing and repairing of hand holes, manholes, vaults, conduit, duct banks and pipe
  • Traffic management, control, crash trucks, setup and signs, etc.
  • Computer generated reports and data storage
  • Line Testing (Pressure, Hydro-static, Deflection and Infiltration)
  • Dye and Smoke Testing
  • Flow monitoring Smoke testing for sewer and home land systems
  • Cleaning of utility and storm vaults and storage tank
  • Cleaning of oil and grit separators, sandfilters, catch basins, storage tanks, sceptors, storm and utility vaults
  • Storm Water Maintenance
  • Sanitary sewer cleaning, inspection and assessments
  • TV inspections floating device for large pipe with heavy flows

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